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The Business Case for Smart Lighting

A survey of 16 cities and utilities quantified the benefits of LED and intelligent streetlights. 


The consensus amongst lighting professionals Cimcon_The Benefits of LED  Smart Street Lighting _FINAL_Page_01is that LED lighting and smart lighting provides value and savings to cities. However, a decision made without data, no matter how great it may be, is difficult to make. Northeast Group and CityLab surveyed 16 US cities to quantify the benefits of upgrading to LED lights and smart street light systems. Now, you can see at a granular level how cities with traditional lighting infrastructures benefited from this switch.


Download this report to learn: 

  1. The average energy savings achieved
  2. Operational and management cost savings achieved
  3. How citizens reacted to LED and dimmed lights
  4. What initiatives are helping cities fund their LED and smart lighting upgrades
The Benefits of LED and Smart Street Lighting