Dynamic Asset Management with LightingGale


As cities become more digitally connected to their infrastructure, the ability to manage and track their smart and connected assets becomes more critical. Towns and Cities are forced to do more with less. LG5 gives city lighting experts the right software tools to manage assets along with lighting controls and smart city applications. Static assets now have dynamic live data and local position information that can help cities save money and reveal in real-time KPI’s on revenue generating assets.


In this webinar we will discuss how LightingGale 5.0 helps asset managers:

  • Manage the pole
  • Manage the life of the LED
  • Validate LED warrantees 
  • Manage smart sensors and outdoor displays  
  • Improve truck roll efficiency 
  • Mitigate theft and vandalism
  • Accurately geolocate assets
  • Improve operation efficiencies
  • Push data into 3rd party software systems with easy to use API


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Featured Speaker: Khris Kendrick,  Business Development and Sales Executive - Smart Cities 

CIMCON Lighting, Inc 

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