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Video Surveillance

Reliable video surveillance and management, designed to improve public safety.

With CIMCON's  NearSkyTM  Video Surveillance solution, cities can collect, stream and store video data from any location in their city. The NearSky Smart City Platform simplifies video surveillance and event detection systems by providing edge-based video analytic and streaming capabilities to improve situational awareness throughout your city. Police and emergency responders receive alerts and feeds of real-time events providing an insight before arriving on scene.  On-demand playback allows officials to review past events, vastly expediting investigations on reported incidences.



  • 60 Day+ Rolling Archive: Live playback, grouping of cameras, and easy access to events.
  • Exportable, tamper-proof footage: Encrypted transmission of data and court-standard files.
  • Wireless Streaming: Analytics embedded on the NearSky 360 enable affordable wireless streaming so cameras can be deployed anywhere in the city with no wiring required.
  • Customizable Alert System: Granular control over alerts for zone intrusion, license plate recognition, video tampering, people recognition, motion detection, parking and more.
  • Future Proof Deployment: The NearSky Platform scales and expands affordably and easily with new technologies and smart city initiatives.



  • Deploy cameras in remote locations, NearSky 360 provides power, processing and communication eliminating the need for hard wiring for fiber.
  • Monitor high risk areas: keep eyes on important assets or high crime locations
  • Reduce the need for law enforcement patrol by creating a network of visual surveillance points around your city.
  • Respond faster to criminal activity by receiving proactive alerts about when and where suspicious activity is occurring.
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