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Vehicle Analytics

A non-invasive solution that collects vehicle traffic data to understand how drivers use your roads.

CIMCON’s Vehicle Analytics solution utilizes radar sensors and video analytics to accurately measure multi-lane traffic volume and speeds from the streetlight pole. This solution can be used to monitor many different traffic statistics to help cities better understand the way drivers use their streets.


  • Comprehensive – collect continuous data on several traffic parameters, including:
    • Presence detection
    • Vehicle classification
    • Speed
    • Direction
    • Count 
  • Pre-configured reports – Vehicle counting data is collected, aggregated and visualized in NearSky StreetVibe, CIMCON’s easy-to-use smart city management software, so you can easily track results and present them to interested parties.
  • Convenient installation – no roadway closures required for installation
  • Mobile – collect data where you want, when you want and easily move the vehicle counting solution to another location if desired.
  • Low bandwidth – NearSky 360 processes video data at the edge of the network so you don’t have to capture, transmit and store full-length video, just vehicle counts.
  • Private – NearSky 360 doesn’t capture full-length video to provide greater privacy protection.


  • Reduce vehicle congestion – traffic data can be used to optimize signal timing and traffic patterns creating more efficient streets, eventually reducing wear and tear on the roads and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Plan safer streets – utilize traffic data to inform decision making in urban design, signage, infrastructure or speed calming activity.
  • Attract external investment – present reliable and compelling data to attract businesses, public funding.
Learn More About Traffic Analytics

Learn More About Traffic Analytics

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