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Threat Analytics

Edge-based video analytics identify and report on suspicious events

The NearSky™ smart city platform simplifies the deployment of cameras on streetlight poles to improve situational awareness in your city. NearSky™ uses advanced video analytics to help cities identify and act on public safety risks such as objects taken or left behind, after-hour entrances/exits into specific areas/buildings, people or vehicles entering specific zones, and vehicles going against the flow of traffic.



  • Comprehensive - CIMCON’s robust and affordable solution allows for widespread deployment of surveillance cameras throughout a municipality at a fraction of competitors costs.
  • Early Detection – detect suspicious events and alert officials in real time.
  • Pre-configured Reports - Track metrics on crime-related events and present them to interested parties with reports and visualization.



  • Reduce the need for law enforcement patrol by creating a network of visual surveillance points around your city.
  • Respond faster to criminal activity by receiving proactive alerts about when and where suspicious activity is occurring.
  • Prepare first responders for action with live data from the scene.
Learn More About Threat Analytics

Learn More About Threat Analytics