Smart City Pilot Program


The Smart City Pilot Program provides everything you need to quickly evaluate the benefits of intelligent lighting and smart city applications for your municipality. 


Evaluate Lighting, People/Traffic Counting, Air Quality Monitoring 

You get the hardware, software, reports, and services to help you evaluate the benefits of:

  • Intelligent lighting controls (12  included)
  • People or vehicle counting using video analytics software (1 video camera included)
  • Air quality monitoring (1 sensor included)

Measurable Results in 90 Days 

The Smart City Pilot is designed to get you results within 90 days and includes:

  • Hardware that is pre-configured for easy installation
  • A dedicated Customer Success representative to help you for the first 90 days of your pilot
  • A series of pre-built reports to help you analyze the results of your trial

For additional information or to start your own pilot, please complete and submit the inquiry form on this page.