Old Problems, New Financing. How Subscriptions could Help Cities Deploy Smarter Projects.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 1:00 PM EST


The subscription economy is booming. Today we can avoid costs and hassle through subscriptions to anything from the dinner we eat to the clothes we wear. This month’s City Innovator, John Smith and his team at Sparkfund, is leveraging the subscription surge to build radically new approaches to financing energy technology deployments. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • All about energy technology subscriptions.
  • How property owners benefit from subscriptions for energy technology systems.
  • How cities might apply the subscription approach while financing large projects.


About the Featured Speaker:

Sparkfund powers organizations by providing access to the latest energy technology in a new and better way—through a simple monthly subscription model backed by a no risk guarantee. We partner with contractors, ESCOs, manufacturers, utilities, and energy retailers to deliver the Sparkfund Technology Subscription, transforming how businesses implement energy technology. Sparkfund seeks to create positive change for the world by deploying solutions that make good business sense and are good for the planet.