Protect Neighborhoods from Zombies 

All around the country “zombie” houses are haunting streets of suburbia. When owners abandon homes and banks fail to foreclose, abandoned properties can be left in limbo for years. Zombie homes often attract unwelcome guest and fall into disrepair, making them especially prone to fire and gas leaks. Despite the headache these homes cause, a municipality has little authority to protect the surrounding neighborhoods from the associated risks.


The NearSky smart city platform provides a convenient way to monitor and manage abandoned properties so that public safety resources can respond to prevent or address emergencies. A suite of sensors can be simply plugged into the platform’s NearSky 360 edge data processor installed on a streetlight pole. The NearSky 360 provides power to the sensors, processes the data collected from the sensor to detect specific events, and sends notification of those events back to the platform’s central management system software where it can be aggregated, analyzed, and visualized. The NearSky-enabled zombie house solution can trigger notifications and alerts to warn city officials of suspicious or anomalous activity around abandoned homes.



  • Bespoke applications and capabilities to meet cities’ specific needs. Sensors include smoke detection, gas sniffing, noise detection video surveillance and more.
  • Alerts notify city officials of anomalies in or around ‘zombie’ houses to improve emergency response
  • Appease concerned neighbors of abandoned properties


  • Monitor abandoned houses, lots or other property remotely and discretely

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