Where there are people there is trash. Trash can be extremely costly to cities. The financial costs of removing waste often represents 20-50% of municipal budgets and there are significant quality of life, health, and economic costs if it is not removed promptly or properly.


As city populations grow, effective waste management is becoming even more essential. The NearSky smart city platform provides cities with an efficient solution for monitoring and proactively managing waste services, which leads to a more cost-effective waste management system and a cleaner city. The NearSky platform includes the NearSky 360 edge data processor, which can be deployed in minutes on any streetlight pole and collects and processes information from sensors deployed in waste receptacles, and NearSky Vue, our smart city management software, which can provide dashboards and alerts to help crews monitor waste volume and plan for its removal. By actively monitoring the status of waste receptacles, the NearSky platform and our cloud-based analytics software can help cities deploy crews with the most efficient route to full barrels only when service is truly needed. Data-driven waste management results in cleaner streets and huge savings for cities.



  • Reduce service costs – pay for waste removal only when its needed
  • Reduce the occurrences of over-filled waste cans
  • Reduce street congestion – fewer trucks on the road frees up streets for resident and visitor traffic
  • Pre-built reports - visualize and share waste management data using NearSky Vue, CIMCON’s easy-to-use smart city management software



  • Improve efficiency of municipal waste management
  • Manage service contracts more efficiently and transparently
  • Collect data to monitor and continuously improve city-wide waste management

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