Smart City Opportunities for Utilities

Mayors, planners, CIOs and other leaders are reinventing their cities. They are taking advantage of smart city technologies to become more data-driven and re-engineer city services to improve efficiency and enhance the quality of life for citizens, workers, and visitors. Utilities have a major role to play in the evolution of the next generation of cities. Utilities own significant, relevant assets, and, as incumbent network operators, are well-positioned to expand their revenue generating offerings and realize better returns from their deployed assets. Opportunities for utilities include:  

  • Retrofitting the lighting infrastructure with LED luminaires and smart controls. Smart controls can reduce utility maintenance costs by 20-70%.
  • Running multiple applications on the utility smart grid (AMI) network.
  • Offering non-energy services, such as services related to surveillance cameras, air quality monitors and other sensors.
  • Capitalizing pole ownership rights to expand into new areas of business such as in unregulated markets.
  • Leveraging a digital streetlight infrastructure to monetize other applications.

To learn more about the opportunities for utilities:

As demand for smart city services has increased, the streetlight pole has become a valuable asset - a key piece of real estate that is the launching point for new services. CIMCON's NearSky smart city platform and intelligent lighting products give utilities the tools for delivering new smart city services. These solutions give utilities many options for efficiently delivering new services that will help them retain customers and grow new revenue sources. 

Key Benefits of CIMCON's Smart City Solutions for Utilities:

  • Expand into new areas of business, including unregulated markets
  • Reduce asset management and maintenance costs (20-70%) 
  • Future-proof your strategy with a platform that offers the flexibility utilities need to capitalize on demand for new smart city services, such as surveillance, traffic analytics, air quality monitoring, Wi-Fi expansion, and more

CIMCON's success in implementing lighting control systems and NearSky smart city platform is evident in the large number of municipal projects that were deployed.  In fact, CIMCON successfully launched more smart city and lighting control projects than all of our competitors combined.