Smart Street and Roadway Lighting Controls

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Street lights outfitted with intelligent wireless controls provide a unique opportunity to make cities "smart" through the inclusion of a wide variety of sensors that act as the "eyes and ears" of the city.

Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), CIMCON Lighting, Inc. is the leader in intelligent street light control systems by enabling cities to become "smart" by bringing together intelligence, controls, wireless connectivity and smart sensors to their street and roadway lighting infrastructures. CIMCON's wireless control systems provide the ideal "on-ramp" for connecting a city's street lights and making them "smart" by creating a "multi-services" platform for driving energy efficiency, sustainability and a reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

Designed for LED, Solar and HID-based lamps, CIMCON Lighting uses the latest RF-Wireless technology to connect 7-pin ANSI compliant controllers to a robust, web-based Central Management System (CMS) via a wireless gateway, thus allowing cities, towns and municipalities to quickly and easily manage all of their street and roadway lighting assets via one easy to use platform. In addition to "adaptive dimming" and robust scheduling capabilities, CIMCON's controllers enable the addition of numerous other sensors, including but not limited to: tilt, traffic, motion, and occupancy.


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Key features of CIMCON's intelligent street light control system:

  • Remote Control and Scheduling
  • GPS integration for easy asset management
  • Flexible Dimming Controls
  • Revenue Grade Energy Metering
  • Asset Management and Health Monitoring
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Alert Notifications via email and SMS text messages
  • Burn Hours Monitoring & Reporting
  • 128/256 bit AES encryption between all devices for optimal security

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Energy Costs by at least 30% through adaptive dimming
  • Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs by up to 50% with "one trip" repairs"
  • Reduce light pollution
  • Increase lamp life
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Exceptional Fault Tolerance
  • Increase Quality of Lighting Services