Syncing Sound and Safety


The economic and social activity that draws people to cities can often lead to an unwanted side effect – noise. High noise levels not only reduce the quality of life for people, they can also indicate potentially dangerous and even life-threatening situations. Monitor noise levels and reacting to sudden increases in noise levels can have a significant impact, therefore, on quality of life and public safety.

The NearSky smart city platform allows cities to easily deploy noise sensors to monitor and act on noise levels. The platform’s NearSky 360 edge data processor can be deployed in minutes on any streetlight and provides a convenient mounting point for microphones that can increase situational awareness. In addition, software running within the hub captures and classifies sound signatures to detect anomalies and notifies officials when action is needed. Audio analytics makes municipal security proactive, potentially preventing incident escalation.



  • Comprehensive – the NearSky solution allows you to collect many data points: gunshot, glass break, aggression detection and more
  • Modular and mobile – collect data where you want, when you want and easily move the microphones to another location if desired
  • Low bandwidth – NearSky 360’s processes audio data at the edge of the network so you don’t have to capture, transmit and store full-length audio, just events and anomalies that are detected
  • Adjustable sensitivity for different environments
  • Software can be integrated with video platforms to reduce deployment cost
  • Pre-configured reports – noise data is collected, aggregated, and visualized in NearSky StreetVibe, CIMCON’s easy-to-use smart city management software, so you can easily track measurements and share them with interested parties



  • Gunshot detection
  • Crime prevention – real-time monitoring increases awareness to potentially dangerous situations either at large events or in high-risk neighborhoods, and informs decision making, such as police placement or whether you want to increase lighting in certain areas
  • Reduce response time of police and emergency responders
  • Better prepare first responders
  • Noise pollution monitoring – efficiently enforce noise ordinance infractions in construction zones or industrial sites


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