CIMCON Lighting’s Intelligent Wireless Lighting Controllers

Watch Ayer, MA's Superintendent of DPW discuss how CIMCON has improved their operations


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Smart and connected street lighting systems are widely accepted as the foundation for smart cities. Retrofitting traditional streetlights with LED luminaires provides immediate energy savings while adding intelligent controllers to streetlights allows cities to further reduce energy consumption. Intelligent controllers allow cities to digitally manage their streetlight assets using central management software, which provides additional benefits such as lower ongoing maintenance costs, fewer customer complaints, and shorter repair times.  

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In use at more than 150 cities, CIMCON Lighting’s intelligent, wireless lighting controllers are the market leader. They reduce energy, repairs and maintenance costs all while increasing the quality of lighting services. CIMCON controllers can be easily installed on LED, solar and HID-based lamps in a matter of minutes. The controllers transform traditional streetlights into a self-forming and self-healing wireless mesh communications network that spans a city, campus, or facility.  CIMCON’s monitoring and management software uses this network to monitor the streetlight status in real-time and to allow you to control (i.e. dim, turn on/off, schedule) your streetlights without having to visit the light pole.

LFI 2019 Syracuse

Watch Syracuse, NY's Sustainability Coordinator discuss how they implemented CIMCONs Smart Lighting and Smart City Solutions


Click for more Info: White Paper: A Technical Overview of CIMCON's Lighting Management System



  • Reduce energy usage by at least 30% through flexible dimming controls
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs by up to 50% with greater asset management capabilities that enable "one trip" repairs
  • Eliminate customer complaints by detecting and responding to outages faster
  • Improve experiences and security for people through the use of motion detectors and scheduled Use lighting at special events to enhance the security and experience for attendees
  • Instant awareness of outages through email and SMS text message alerts and notifications
  • Easily track energy usage through pre-configured reports
  • Reduce light pollution
  • Increase lamp life


  • Street and highway lighting
  • Campus lighting
  • Parking lot lighting