Smart Parking Drives Efficiency

A shortage of parking is an issue familiar to many cities.  It can deter people from visiting the city and, therefore, reduce economic activity and city tax revenues.  In fact, experts in urban planning claim 30% of traffic and subsequent pollution is caused by drivers looking for parking.

With a smart parking solution run on the NearSky smart city platform, cities can not only reduce congestion in the roadways, but also capture revenue from valuable public real estate. The platform’s NearSky 360 is a streetlight-installed edge data processor that serves as a platform on which you can install sensors to detect open parking spots.  The NearSky 360 allows you to use you to easily deploy Smart Parking sensors and powerful analytics software throughout a city that can detect available and occupied parking spaces in real time.  Our solution can be used to notify drivers of available spots and cars parked at meters, which reduces traffic and pollution and increases the revenue generated from public parking. In addition, our solution can be used  to notify officials of parking violations to further increase city revenue.



  • Reduce traffic congestion by systematizing city parking
  • Improve parking revenue streams by improving monitoring capabilities without increasing enforcement costs
  • Reduce emissions and improve air quality by helping drivers find parking spaces quickly
  • Increase city-wide street parking capacity (parking analytics do not require marked spaces)



  • Monetization – charge drivers for the parking spaces they use, both on the street or in public lots
  • Improve situational awareness – gather data about the way drivers park to inform road work, street cleaning or loading policies
  • Enforce parking rules and automatically identify violations

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