Reduce Crime with CIMCON's Public Safety Solutions

Public safety is the number one concern for citizens and, therefore, the number one priority for municipal leaders. The majority of municipal budgets are already spent on public safety, yet public safety staffs are being asked to do more every day as a result of growing city populations and the emergence of new and greater threats. CIMCON's public safety solutions can help cities provide better protection to the public without increasing their public safety teams.  Cities can:

  • Reduce the time and costs of deploying surveillance cameras
  • Automatically detect threats before they become crimes
  • Shorten and improve the quality of crime investigations
  • Improve the safety and effectiveness of police, fire fighters, and other first responders

The NearSky smart city platform gives cities an easy way to collect and act on data that can improve public safety. The platform allows cities to easily deploy sensors, cameras, and advanced video and sound analytics solutions on or near the city's existing streetlights. Plus the platform gives cities the analytic tools to understand and act on public safety data that is collected.

Advanced Video and Sound Analytic Solutions

The NearSky platform can be used to deploy several crime-fighting solutions, including CIMCON's Public Safety and Sound Analytics solutions.

Public Safety

The Public Safety solution from CIMCON combines a digital surveillance camera and video analytics software to detect the crime-related events listed in the table below. 

Events Detected Description
Activity Detect any moving object in a zone, can be limited to people or vehicular activity.
Enter/Exit Detect vehicles or people as they enter or exit your facility - generating counts, or detecting after hours intrusion.
Left Object Detect if an object has been left behind. Our advanced system lets you only alarm when the person leaving the object is far enough away to be considered "left".
Object Taken Detect when high value items have been removed.
Speeding Vehicle Detect vehicles speeding through parking areas. Speeding vehicles can be hard to catch in private or public parking lots.
Throughput Detect objects crossing specified edges of the zone.
Wrong Way Detect vehicles or people going against the flow of traffic.


More information: Brochure: CIMCON's Public Safety Solution

Gunshot and Noise Detection

The Gunshot and Noise Detection solution from CIMCON combines a high-quality noise sensor and sound analytics software to detect the crime-related sounds listed in the table below. 

Events Detected Description
Gunshots Recognize shots from handguns, shotguns, rifles and automatic rifles within seconds. 
Broken Glass Recognize the sound of breaking glass whether it is laminated, single or double plate, tempered and wired glass. 
Aggression Recognize aggression in a person's voice, allowing you to alert staff and police as situations escalate and prior to an act of physical aggression.


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