Learn How People Move About Your City

Cities designed with pedestrians in mind are more viable and sustainable than their counterparts. In smart cities, data about pedestrian traffic can be used to inform commercial and industrial planning to develop safer and healthier streets. It can also be used to measure the impact of economic revitalization efforts and other city improvements.


Using the NearSky smart city platform, city officials can affordably and reliably collect data about the way people move about their urban centers. The NearSky 360, a streetlight-mounted edge data processor, can be easily installed throughout a city, allowing you to easily deploy people counting solutions wherever they are needed.  The NearSky people counting solution uses cutting-edge video analytics to detect, count and manage moving objects in a camera view and is typically positioned to count people walking on city sidewalks on in intersections.



  • Accurate – video analytics software can detect people from other objects
  • Flexible – perform multiple analyses with one system: people counting, object left, object taken, zone intrusion, activity detection, or vehicle counting
  • Pre-configured reports – People counting data is collected, aggregated and visualized in NearSky StreetVibe, CIMCON’s easy-to-use smart city management software, so you can easily track results and present them to interested parties
  • Low bandwidth – NearSky 360’s processes video data at the edge of the network so you don’t have to capture, transmit, and store full-length video, just people counts
  • Private – NearSky 360 doesn’t capture full-length video to provide greater privacy protection
  • Affordable – the solution is camera agnostic so you can select a camera that suits your budget and video requirements
  • Modular and mobile –collect data where you want, when you want and easily move the people counting solution to another location if desired



  • Measure economic vitality
  • Understand mobility patterns at various points in the day and night
  • Assess the impact of commercial, industrial or traffic developments on pedestrian mobility
  • Attract external investment – present reliable and compelling data to attract businesses, public funding
  • Create safer streets – use video analytics to augment public safety protocol with zone intrusion or object left/object taken applications.

For more information on CIMCON's air quality solutions, take a look at our People Counting Brochure and People Counting Solution Sheet.

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