Parking Lots and Garages

Driver and pedestrian safety are critically important to parking garage and parking lot operators. However, it is extremely costly, both financially and environmentally, to maintain lighting at full power on a 24/7 basis. Implementing an intelligent lighting control system with smart sensors provides operators with the ability to maintain safety and security, while dramatically reducing energy costs.

CIMCON Lighting's intelligent, wireless lighting control systems equipped with Adaptive Dimming and Motion/Occupancy Sensors allow operators to easily schedule and dim lights during hours when there is little or no traffic while immediately turning lights back to full power when a car or individual enter an area.

CIMCON's "Plug and Play" controls can be used in HID, LED and Solar-based lights. As parking garage and parking lot operators move from HID or Induction lights to LEDs, CIMCON's controllers can be easily fitted to the new fixtures, thus further extending energy and cost savings.

CIMCON's "iSLC Connect" iOS® App paired with our iLC Bridge and controllers allows operators to easily schedule, group, configure and control their lighting fixtures directly from their iPhone.

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Key features:

  • "Plug and Play" installation
  • Remote control and scheduling of lights by zone
  • Adaptive Dimming Controls
  • Motion/Occupancy Sensors (if desired by operator)
  • Asset Management and Health Monitoring
  • Alert Notifications via email and SMS text messages
  • Burn Hours Monitoring & Reporting

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Energy Costs by at least 30% through adaptive dimming and scheduling
  • Maintain public safety via Motion/Occupancy Sensors
  • Reduce light pollution
  • Increase lamp life
  • Increase quality of lighting services