Accelerate Your City's Progress to Green 

Electric vehicles are the future of mobility. The NearSky smart city platform provides a convenient way to deploy full service charging units to meet the growing use of electric vehicles and even accelerate the EV movement. The platform’s NearSky 360 edge data processor can be installed on a light pole in minutes and provides power and revenue grade metering to the EV charging station so that no electrician required. Power used can be billed to consumers and all information can be managed using NearSky Vue, CIMCON’s smart city central management software.



  • End-to-end EV charging solutions – from site selection to user interface, CIMCON and our partners will support your deployment
  • Improve air quality and meet sustainability goals by accelerating EV adoption
  • Create new revenue opportunities through EV charging and billing
  • Attract visitors seeking EV charging capabilities



  • Public charging – allow any and all to access charging infrastructure in your city
  • Fleet charging – attract new businesses or build a municipal EV fleet by providing fleet charging infrastructure to parking lots in town.

Click here for more info: White Paper: A Smart City Checklist for City Planners