Digital signage represents an opportunity to improve communications with citizens, build a greater sense of community, increase economic activity and generate revenue for the city.

A city’s numerous light poles offer a convenient location for providing digital signage visible to drivers and pedestrians. The NearSky smart city platform can tap into the potential of those light poles, allowing cities affordably deploy multi-screen digital signage throughout their municipality. The platform’s NearSky 360 edge data processor can be installed on a light pole in minutes, and provides easy access to power and communications networks for digital signs.  The solution makes it possible to display wayfinding messages, community announcements, advertisements, and emergency information like weather warnings or amber alerts for drivers and pedestrians. This solution has endless applications all of which enhance community engagement, public safety and economic development.



  • Display multiple messages, easily change displays remotely
  • Reduce labor cost associated with traditional street pole banner changes
  • Increase advertising revenue
  • Improve citizen engagement


  • Private Advertising – sell ad space on public signs to promote local businesses and build revenue streams for the city
  • Improve wayfinding – help visitors see the very best of your city by directing them to valued sites and attractions.
  • Build citizen engagement – publicize information about events, elections or regulations
  • Protect and prepare citizens and visitors – broadcast emergency information like amber alerts or weather warnings or throughout town with the push of a button

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