Campus Lighting

Appropriate lighting on college and business campuses is critical to public safety and image. It does however, represent a significant cost to operate and maintain. CIMCON's intelligent wireless lighting controls connected to its web-based Central Management Software(CMS) allows organizations to easily control lighting campus-wide. CIMCON's CMS allows users to establish ON/OFF or advanced Dimming schedules that allow energy to be conserved during off-peak hours. The inclusion of Motion/Occupancy Sensors enables lights to quickly come back up to 100% power when pedestrian activity is detected. In addition, automated fault detection and an alert system notify facilities management when a light has failed via text or email alert thus enabling rapid repair.

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Key features of CIMCON's intelligent street light control system:

  • "Plug and Play" installation
  • Remote Control and Scheduling
  • Flexible Dimming Controls
  • Asset Management and Health Monitoring
  • Exceptional Fault Tolerance
  • Alert Notifications via email and SMS text messages
  • Burn Hours Monitoring & Reporting

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Energy Costs by at least 30% through adaptive dimming
  • Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs by up to 50%
  • Reduce light pollution
  • Increased lamp life
  • Increase quality of lighting services


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