Auto Dealerships

Providing optimal lighting to showcase available inventory and maintain customer safety and security is paramount to all auto dealerships; however, keeping lights on at full brightness during late night hours is inefficient, environmentally unsound and very costly. As lighting represents at least one-third of most auto dealerships energy budgets the need for an easy, cost effective way to make lighting "smart" is real.

CIMCON Lighting's intelligent wireless lighting control system provides dealerships with the ability to easily provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed through its advanced dimming and scheduling features. No matter whether a dealership has a legacy HID lighting infrastructure, a previously installed LED system, or is implementing a new LED or Solar-based lights, CIMCON has an easy to use solution available. Our solutions include: 5-pin, 7-pin, Internal Mount, External Mount, Low Voltage (12 to 24 VDC) and voltages from 85 VAC to 480 VAC.

Unique features of CIMCON's lighting control system include:

  • Easy 7-pin "twist-lock" installation of controllers without the need for external antennas, remote mounting or field replaceable components.
  • Easy creation of energy saving lighting schedules.
  • Optional motion sensors input through pins 6 7 &to turn lights from "low" energy mode to "high" full light output when needed.
  • Alert notification pushed out via email and SMS text messages within minutes of an event.
  • Google Maps view of all controls and their status.
  • Ability to add additional controls or gateways as a dealership grows. As a dealership moves from HID to LED lights, controls can simply and easily be fitted to the new lighting fixtures using CIMCON's "plug and play" technology
  • A self-initiating and self-healing RF-Wireless network that automatically looks for available gateways and the shortest path from a controller to a gateway.
  • Exceptional fault tolerance.

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