White Paper: What is the Smart Cities Opportunity for Utilities? 

Utilities are emerging as key partners in driving smart city transformations. Utilities own significant relevant assets, and as incumbent network operators, can be well-positioned to realize better returns from deployed assets and their operational capabilities such as: 

  • Retrofitting lighting infrastructure with LED luminaries fitted with smart controls
  • Running multiple applications on the utility smart grid (AMI) network
  • Leveraging utility assets to enable non-energy initiatives
  • Capitalizing pole ownership rights to expand into new areas of business such as in unregulated markets
  • Leveraging digital streetlight infrastructure to monetize other applications

CIMCON has developed the NearSkyTM smart city platform to transform existing streetlight infrastructure into a robust Internet of Municipal Things for smart city devices and services. Simple plug-and play installation of the NearSky 360 edge data processor on luminaries enables the city to capture, analyze, aggregate and communicate data from a wide variety of outdoor, urban sensors. In addition, because NearSky 360 is mounted on the city's street lights, it can be located virtually everywhere. 

A continuously expanding array of smart city applications will enable municipalities to reduce costs, generate new revenue streams, enhance security, and improve service to residents, tourists, and businesses. The NearSky smart city platform puts the process on the fast track to the future with a scalable backbone to collect and manage data at any NearSky 360 equipped streetlight.