Road Surface Monitoring Application Brochure 

Keep Roads Safe and Clean

Cities in cold and wet climates need to dedicate significant resources to ensure that their streets are safe during wet, icy and snowy conditions. For example, cities in the United States use more than 15 million tons of salt for winter road treatment every year. While road treatment is important for driver safety, salt and chemical treatments are expensive, corrosive to both vehicles and pavements and can be detrimental to freshwater ecosystems.

With the NearSky smart city platform, cities can easily monitor road surface conditions and determine precisely where and when to apply salt or chemical treatments. The platform includes NearSky 360, CIMCON Lighting’s streetlight-mounted edge data processor that allows you to easily install road surface sensors across the city. These noninvasive sensors can measure many parameters that effect driver safety such as road condition (dry, moist, wet, ice, snow, critical wet, chemically wet), road surface temperature, water film height, dew point temperature, relative humidity, ice percentage, freezing temperature, and friction.

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