NearSky 360 Brochure

Enabling the Internet of Outdoor Things

CIMCON's NearSkyTM 360 transforms existing street light infrastructure into a robust Internet of Outdoor Things for smart city devices and services. 

Simple plug-and play installation of the NearSkyTM 360 unit on luminaries enables a municipality, campus, utility or enterprise to capture, analyze, aggregate and communicate data from a wide variety of sensors across the urban landscape. NearSkyTM 360 provides the power, processing, communications and power metering to deploy and manage devices that improve city operations, save energy, protect the environment, increase public safety and enhance the quality of daily life. 

Stand-alone sensor platforms can be complex and costly to install, and positioning is sometimes a challenge. Because NearSkyTM 360 is mounted on street or roadway lights, it has access to power and can be located virtually everywhere people are.

Some of the smart city applications are campus safety, parking management, EV charger, public safety, air quality, waste bin management, among others