LightSOS Brochure 

Lighting Infrastructure Monitoring & Notification

CIMCON's LightSOS Remote Monitoring & Notification Managed Service provides an easy, cost effective way to monitor, report on and analyze your streetlight assets 24/7. Our managed services team supports your staff to ensure the optimal functioning and availability of your lighting network, maximizing energy efficiency and cost savings, while ensuring public safety. 

Specifically, issues captured through the monitoring or reported by your staff related to the streetlight network initiate action by the CIMCON team and they will: 

  • Identify the location of the issue
  • Isolate and, if possible, diagnose the cause of the issue
  • Notify identified support team or dispatch a repair crew, if needed
  • Track and escalate as needed to ensure the issue is known and being addressed by your support team
  • Report back on the resolution of the issue

CIMCON's LightSOS service provides the following benefits: 

  • 24/7 access to controls experts that can help ensure the optimal functioning and efficiency of your lighting network
  • Less lighting network downtime
  • improved power efficiency & usage 
  • Visibility into potential issues before they impact service