Case Study: Cleveland Public Power Bureau of Street Lighting

City-wide LED Street Light and Adaptive Control Pilot 

As the largest municipally owned electric utility in the State of Ohio, Cleveland Public Power's (CPP) Street Light Bureau currently owns and maintains approximately 67,000 street lights throughout the City of Cleveland. Cleveland Public Power receives over 15,000 streetlight complaints a year. Responding to each complaint is labor intensive and often requires repeat visits to the same location. This required new solutions that would require new technologies and adaptive controls.

In an effort to assess the effectiveness of LEDs and adaptive controls for future rollout, the city conducted a two-year pilot program to replace 1,000 street lights and install adaptive wireless controls. CIMCON Lighting was one of two adaptive controls vendors selected for the pilot. CIMCON’s iSLC-3100-7P controller was tested for its ease of installation, ON/OFF/DIM scheduling capabilities, GPS functionality, scalabilty, utility-grade energy metering, web-based access and, for local control, iOS applications. Compared to the competition, the CIMCON application was installed in 1/10th of the time at 1/5th of the cost.

After thorough evaluation and testing, CPP reported that there were no performance issues with CIMCON’s controls. CIMCON’s controllers delivered the following results:

  • Live and on-demand updates of status
  • Dimming capability within status range
  • Individual cumulative KWh consumption, and real-time KWh use
  • Remote control ON/OFF/DIM via real-time controlling and pre-setting 
  • GPS location, including full address, plug Google Earth imaging