Case Study: City of Somerville, MA

Networked Solar Lighting Solutions

Community Path Becomes "Living Lab" for Testing Clean Energy Initiatives

In its efforts to become "carbon neutral" by 2050, improve public safety, and serve as a testing ground for other cities and towns to learn about the positive effects of clean energy initiatives, the City of Somerville, Massachusetts, through an "Innovative Mass" Grant provided by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) has implemented a pilot program of networked lights along its community path to explore new ways to utilize wireless data and control algorithms to advance solar lighting technology.

Somerville, MA is the most densely populated community in New England. As a leader in innovation and efficiency, the city's desire is to continue to innovate and improve the safety of its residents.

CIMCON Lighting’s intelligent wireless outdoor lighting controls were selected for their ability to easily monitor and manage both solar-based and grid connected lights. CIMCON’s iSLC-1000 wireless controller was selected for the monitoring and management of the solar-based lights, while its iSLC-3100-7P was selected for the management of the grid connected lights. The controllers were paired with CIMCON’s Wireless Gateway and Central Management System, LightingGale™ for remote monitoring and management. 

Given that this installation was only completed in the Summer 2015, CIMCON Lighting is currently working with the City of Somerville in interpreting and analyzing the data that it is currently receiving from the controls.