Blue Light Application Brochure 

Safety that Stays with Your Students

Student safety and rapid communication with campus security is critical in an emergency situation. CIMCON's Mobile Blue Light Emergency Application helps students quickly connect with campus security at the touch of a button. When the app is activated, nearby street lights equipped with CIMCON's street light controls will blink and an audio alert and route information will appear on campus security mobile phones.

The benefits of CIMCON's Mobile Blue Light Emergency Application provides the following benefits:

  • One touch "HELP" button for students living ON campus
  • Improves access and therefore safety (each student phone with the app essentially acts like a "Blue Light" kiosk)
  • Eliminates the uncertainty that a "Blue Light" phone will not work
  • Eliminates the need for colleges/universities to maintain and upgrade expensive physical "Blue Light" systems
  • Provides comprehensive dashboard and analysis of potential areas of campus that are more prone to security risks providing an opportunity to address them
  • GPS monitoring provides real-time tracking, and smart lighting management assist security in locating the situation as quickly as possible