For a Connected City 

Citizens and businesses are demanding greater internet connectivity. In fact, free and public access to the internet is vital for individuals and communities to have the technology capacity to participate fully in society and life-long learning. The NearSky smart city platform, which is easily installed on top of a city’s existing streetlight infrastructure, creates a wireless mesh communications network that can span an entire city and provides convenient way to deploy greater Wi-Fi access points.  The platform includes the NearSky360 edge data processor that can be installed on a light pole in minutes and provides power, back haul and revenue-grade metering to Wi-Fi access points. Wi-Fi access points can be simply plugged into the NearSky 360, creating a network of interconnected Wi-Fi access points blanket the city with reliable internet coverage. Public Wi-Fi makes public spaces more attractive connecting citizens, visitors, and businesses.



  • End-to-end solution is designed to deliver secure, fast Wi-Fi in indoor and outdoor environments, managed from a single control platform
  • Low-cost deployment enabled by easy access to power through NearSky360 edge data processor
  • Easy installation - the Wi-Fi mesh communications network allows additional access points to be installed to improve coverage without pulling ethernet wires or trenching for fiber
  • Deploy additional smart city applications with Wi-Fi backhaul over municipal broadband



  • Provide reliable access to broadband throughout neighborhoods to allow students to more fully participate in internet-based curriculum
  • Build vibrant downtown areas where Wi-Fi attracts, retains and connects business and visitors alike