SLC Master Switch Mobile App

Master Switch on off control with phone

Convenient Override Control 

The CIMCON Master Switch App is a fast and convenient way to override the current on/off/dim schedule for your CIMCON streetlight controls (SLCs) . Master Switch gives you control in situations, such as emergency response, where you may need to quickly take control of the lights and either turn all your lights on or off. As a mobile application, you can flip the switch anywhere and anytime it's needed. Simply log into your LightingGale software using the Master Switch app from your iOS device. 

Master Switch is available in Apple's App Store for iOS devices.

Download Master Switch Now. 

  • Fast Override of Lighting Management Software The CIMCON SLC Master Switch App allows you to get all your streetlights in the ON or OFF state very quickly and regardless of the on/off/dim schedule configured in your LightingGale management software.  With this control, you can react quickly to unplanned events or situations, such as public safety emergencies. 

  • One-touch Operation – The SLC Master Switch application allows you to turn the state of all streetlights to ON or OFF with a single command.