SLC EZinstall Mobile App


Fast and Accurate Tracking of Lighting Assets

The CIMCON SLC EZinstall App offers a quick, simple way to record critical information about your lighting assets and maximize the ROI of your smart lighting project. The app turns an installer’s smartphone into a convenient scanning device that can record the serial number of the streetlight controller (SLC) with a single click and automatically associate it with a specific pole. In addition, the app can guide the installer through a series of brief questions about the light poles and other lighting assets. With just a few clicks, installers can quickly and accurately record the detailed information required to manage and maintain an efficient, robust smart lighting system.

Learn How Major Cities Deploy with EZ Install

  • Faster Collection of Asset Information The CIMCON SLC EZinstall App eliminates the cumbersome task of collecting asset information by hand. Plus, QR scanning options and drop-down menus make the SLC EZinstall App fast and easy to use, even while wearing work gloves.

  • Greater Accuracy Automated data entry and prepopulated fields ensure accuracy and help avoid return trips to check for and correct errors.

  • Tracking Every Step of the Way The SLC EZinstall App enables error free installation and simplifies maintenance by capturing key information, such as who performed the installation, the SLC location, and comprehensive data about the pole. That information is uploaded to CIMCON’s LightingGale Central Management System (CMS) where it provides the ability to:

    • Identify and track the progress of each installation crew and contractor in real-time
    • Gather, store and subsequently map the location of system components
    • Access additional information associated with each light pole, such as fixture wattage, installation date, pole height, pole type and material, and more
    • Collect data only once, with no need to re-enter it in the event the SLC is replaced
  • Automatic Data Transfers to Your Central Management System The SLC EZinstall App automatically and seamlessly transfers the asset data your installers collect to the LightingGale CMS. No data imports/exports and no IT assistance are required.

  • Installer-friendly Operation – The SLC EZinstall App is designed to be used by installers. No specific training on how to use the application is required.

  • Easily Capture Asset Data in English or Metric Measurement Units

  • Robust Reporting

  • Mapping Tools – Integrated mapping tools help installers accurately record pole locations and assist maintenance efforts.

  • Managers’ Dashboard – SLC EZinstall offers a 30,000-foot view of the whole smart lighting installation with real time status, searchable data and customizable reports.