NearSky StreetVibe

NearSky™ StreetVibe enables a city to easily collect, aggregate, visualize and understand data from a wide range of instrumented assets.


The physical assets of city infrastructures, including highways and bridges, streetlights, parking spaces, fire hydrants, street poles and more are increasingly being instrumented with controls and sensors. That’s the good news. The challenge cities face, though, is collecting, aggregating and figuring out how to best use that digital data.

Using NearSky StreetVibe, CIMCON’s digital platform for what we call the “Internet of Outdoor Things”, cities can gather data from these distributed - but now increasingly connected - city assets. That data can then be used for a wide array of improvements, including increasing safety, saving costs, better managing asset maintenance, delivering more targeted services, and generally upgrading the everyday experience of residents and visitors.

CIMCON's NearSky 360 and cloud based NearSky StreetVibe are the ideal data hub and software platform for migrating to smart city status. NearSky StreetVibe connects your people with data, letting cities and utilities better monitor, manage and monetize not only the streetlight, but any city assets affixed to or near the streetlight pole.

CIMCON’s NearSky StreetVibe enables a city to easily collect, aggregate, visualize and understand data from a wide range of instrumented assets. But even more important, the NearSky platform allows cities to securely organize, monitor, and remotely manage devices at scale throughout their lifecycle. You get the ability to group and track devices, troubleshoot device functionality and remotely update device software. Cities can simply and quickly operationalize, secure and scale entire groups of devices and then act on the large volumes of data they generate using analytics specifically designed for IoT.

NearSky™ StreetVibe allows data to be shared across departments, improving situational awareness and collaboration. With access to standardized data, city departments and/or third parties can develop solutions faster and more cost-effectively. Any level of customization can be achieved. Solutions such as smart parking, threat awareness, environmental monitoring and other public safety or convenience services can be easily added to any smart city deployment.

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