NearSky™ Smart City Platform

The simplest way to collect and analyze data from sensors, cameras, and devices


For an overview of the NearSky smart city platform, click on the image to the left to download our white paper. The paper provides an in depth look at how our NearSky platform operates, the core capabilities of the platform, and the value and outcomes it provides to municipalities and utilities,



NearSky™ is a smart city platform that simplifies the deployment of sensors, cameras, and other devices, such as Wi-Fi access points, so cities can more easily build a digital, data-driven city. 

The platform turns any city's existing streetlight infrastructure, into a flexible, reliable, and secure digital canopy that spans the city and serves as an Internet of Municipal Things (IoMT). In addition, the platform offers standards-based communication channels, power for devices, and "plug and play" connectors that simplify the installation, maintenance, and movement of diverse smart city devices while avoiding the expense and effort of building an additional network (fiber optics or Wi-Fi). NearSky also provides a comprehensive back end, with data storage capabilities, analysis tools, and APIs, that allow you to fully process the data that is collected across the city’s network of sensors/devices, With NearSky, cities can easily deploy and scale their data collection and analysis efforts.

"NearSky impressed me with its innovative approach and flexibility, which seems to set it apart. The platform can be adapted to the specific needs of any local authority, turn their outside world into actionable data, and help them build up a smart city over time. NearSky provides a vision of a possible future in the smart city journey."
Alistair Scott, 
Managing Director,
Designs for Lighting, Ltd.

What is the NearSky Platform?

NearSky is a smart city platform that allows you to collect and analyze data from smart city technologies, including sensors, cameras, and other devices.  The NearSky platform consists of the following main components: 

From Streetscape to Smart-scape with One Platform

  • Improve Safety and Security – Smart cameras and microphones build situational awareness. Data is processed at the edge so privacy is never a concern.  
  • Optimize Mobility – Monitor traffic, parking, and pedestrians to reduce congestion and create safer streets.
  • Reduce Costs – Leverage the value of your vertical real estate to reduce the cost to deploy smart city applications.
  • Deliver Citizen Services – Provide mobile apps, Wi-Fi, wayfinding, information, and charging stations for citizens.

Smart City Solutions

The NearSky platform can be used to deploy a variety of sensors, cameras and devices to help cities digitize and improve their operations. These solutions include: 

Air Quality

Digital Signage

EV Charging


Pedestrian Analytics

Public Safety (one touch "Brighten" button, comprehensive reports)

Public WiFi

Smart Street Lighting

Sound Analytics (gunshot, glass break, aggression detection)

Road Surface Management (condition, surface temperature, ice percentage)

Traffic Analytics

Waste Management

Learn more on how to begin your Smart City journey here: White Paper: A Smart City Checklist for City Planners