Collaboration Brings Smart Cities to Life

NearSky Connect is an alliance of like-minded technology and service providers, working together to deliver ready-to-go solutions that address the challenges cities face as they build smarter, safer and more sustainable environments for their citizens and businesses 

Every city has its own unique challenges. That’s why we created NearSky Connect, a one-stop-shop for smart city needs all delivered on a modular platform that lets cities customize their solutions by choosing from a suite of third-party applications.  

NearSky bridges the gap between cities and solution providers to help municipalities navigate complicated digital transformations and achieve their innovative goals through: 

  • Best in Class Partners we work with industry leaders, so cities have access to the best solutions available across many technology markets 
  • Thought Leadership CIMCON is committed to building a successful ecosystem by connecting leaders and sharing ideas in all areas of the smart city field, helping our customers and partners stay ahead of market trends. 
  • Cutting Edge Platform the NearSky platform provides power, processing and communication allowing our partners’ devices can seamlessly connect to our easy to use smart city management system, StreetVibe. 

Who Are Our Partners?

We work with industry leaders across many categories, including: 

  • Computer Vision
  • Environmental Quality  
  • Public Safety  
  • Community Engagement  
  • Mobility
  • Asset Management 

Technology Partners - The NearSky Platform's open architecture enables qualified third-party technology partners to create their own extensions or applications to leverage streetlight infrastructure to provide solutions and services for smart cities. The Platform is designed so that third-party applications can appear natively within the NearSky Platform, 

Service Partners - It takes more than good technology to make cities 'smart'. NearSky service partners provide our customers with all the expertise to ensure a successful digital transformation. This include financing, consulting, and asset management.


The Value of NearSky Connect  

Our smart city platform helps eliminate pain points in deploying and managing outdoor IoT systems. With NearSky Connect, smart cities can deploy new applications that integrate seamlessly with the NearSky edge processor and StreetVibe software system. When applications are working side by side, cities can derive new insights and value from correlating data all in one easy to use software platform.

What Can NearSky Connect do for you?  

  • Cities – Customize your smart city applications with modular and mobile applications all while reducing deployment costs and total cost of ownership. 
  • Integrators – Expand your product portfolio. Find a suite of plug and play applications that give your customers exactly what they need and nothing that they don’t. 
  • Partners – Tap our network and capabilities. Deploy your solution in new ways with support from our experienced sales channel and thriving customer base.  

Learn how to start your Smart City journey with the help of CIMCON and NearSky Connect here: White Paper: A Smart City Checklist for City Planners

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