LightingGale is CIMCON’s web-based central management and control software that works in conjunction with CIMCON’s lighting controllers to help cities, town, municipalities, parking garages, retail malls, auto dealerships, college and business campuses easily control their lighting fixtures to reduce energy, maintenance and repair costs. Accessible from any browser, LightingGale provides users with robust capabilities including:

  • Scheduling
  • Dimming
  • Health Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Fault Monitoring

Gone are the days of uncertain asset statuses and the inability to control your city's lighting. With the LightingGale system, cities can now have complete, unfettered control over their lighting infrastructure with an astonishing degree of granularity at any time of the day.



Comprehensive Mobile Management Capabilities


The LightingGale™ Mobile App brings the power of LightingGale™ to your iPhone or Android smart phone. Now, you can manage your lighting assets on the go from anywhere in the world with comprehensive control of your lighting network - wherever and whenever you need it. 

With the LightingGale Mobile App you can:

  • Assess the status of individual lights or your overall lighting network
  • Control lights - change the state of your lights (on/off/dim); change one light or many lights with a single command
  • Investigate controller/lamp faults
  • View lights and gateways on a map with color coded status indicators
  • Review in-depth reports of light details (voltage, current, watts, cumulative kW, burn hours, dim hours, etc.)
  • Get directions instantly to troubled assets via maps
  • Search by controller number, group, or gateway
  • See all lights within 400 meters of you 
  • Maintain network security via two-factor authentication
  • Wireless Technology: RF-Wireless and GPRS/GSM technology enables programming, monitoring and control of streetlights distributed over both large and small regions.

  • Monitoring: Communication and energy monitoring modules provide continuous updates per lamp to the LightingGale Control Station.

  • Control: Remote control of streetlights enables selected individual or groups of light poles to be switched ON/OFF as needed from a web-based interface. Each streetlight can support up to ten schedules that can be configured by the user to control On, Off, and Dimming levels at specific times. The schedules can be programmed on a daily/monthly/yearly basis or can be controlled locally using a built-in astro-clock that calculates sunset and sunrise times using the lights' GPS location and time zone data throughout the year.

  • Fault Monitoring and Alarm Call Service: Extensive fault monitoring is provided based on intelligent correlation of data to report light burn outs, lamp cycling, ballast or driver failure, communication failure and more. All faults are sent to the MCS that may generate alarms for visualization and fault rectification of critical issues.

  • Burn Hours: The controller can track lamp usage hours that can be used for predictive maintenance allowing lamp replacement planning in advance.

  • Scalability: The system can be easily and quickly expanded to any new or remote areas.

  • Installation: Several controller mounting options enable easy installation or retrofitting.

  • Multiple Protocol Support: Support of multiple industry standard protocols enables easy integration with other systems and networks.

  • Web-based Monitoring and Control: Enables comprehensive display of live and historical data and remote configuration.

  • Integration with Google Map and Google Earth: Provides an intuitive and familiar interface for users that requires little training.

  • Report Generation: Detailed real time reports of energy consumption by streetlight sent via email.

  • Comprehensive Energy Dashboards: Display "energy usage" and "energy saved" per region or system-wide over user supplied timeframes.

  • Hosted or Onsite Monitoring Software Available: For communities that do not wish to invest in monitoring software and equipment, CIMCON Lighting can host and provide the monitoring for them.

  • No Training Required - Simply "Plug and Play": If you can install a photocell, then you can install CIMCON's LightingGale Controller.

  • Power Savings: Reduces energy costs by as much as 30% through intelligent scheduling.

  • Low Investment: Very low investment costs for traditional streetlights or LEDs.

  • Easy Expansion: Scalable to new or remote areas quickly and easily since no cables are involved.

  • Reduced Light Pollution: By reducing or turning off power to lights when and where they are not needed.

  • Maintains Public Safety: Removes the need to arbitrarily turn off lights to save energy and in the end, money.

  • Robust and Reliable: Operates over large distances with full reliability.

  • Event-based Reporting: Notification provided automatically to the responsible individuals as soon as faults occur.

  • Mobile Workforce Management : Workforce can directly interact with the system while in the field.

  • No Photo Cell Required: The controller has a built in Astro-clock that offers several advantages over fault prone Photo Cells.