iSLC 3300

CIMCON’s Plug & Play Wireless Lighting Controller with Remote Monitoring, Dimming, Metering and Sensor Input

CIMCON’s iSLC-3300

CIMCON’s iSLC-3300 is an intelligent wireless lighting controller that uses a highly robust and reliable self-forming and self-healing RF mesh network in a form factor that can be easily mounted inside or outside of any light fixture.

Each iSLC-3300 provides intelligent ON/OFF switching, dimming control, scheduling, highly accurate power metering and health monitoring of each light fixture. The iSLC-3300 also includes support for sensor inputs such as occupancy or ambient light sensors for control of each light or groups of lighting fixtures.

  • Robust and Reliable: Reliably operates over long distances in a self-healing, self-organizing network utilizing the latest developments in wireless RF technology.

  • Remote Control and Scheduling: The controller supports five lamp control modes. Control can be based on user configurable ON/OFF/DIM schedules programmed on a daily / monthly / yearly / special events basis such as holidays, warehouse inventory and stocking events.

  • Power Metering: The iSLC-3300 intelligent wireless lighting controller (iSLC) can monitor electrical parameters such as Current, Voltage, Frequency, Power Factor, kW and kWh.

  • Controller Groups: Lights can be grouped by Zone, Floor or Area, based on different light level requirements.

  • Post Top Retrofit: The iSLC-3300 controller is perfect for retrofitting existing decorative post tops.

  • Dimming Controls:The iSLC-3300 controller supports dimming via 0-10 VDC, DALI or PWM with up to 10 dimming schedules. It also includes additional sensor interfaces for motion/occupancy sensors to enable motion-based dimming and ambient light sensors for daylight harvesting.

  • Fault Monitoring: Extensive fault monitoring is provided to report on lamp burnouts, ballast/driver failure, abnormal power consumption, low power factor, communication failure and more. All faults are sent to CIMCON’s cloud-based Central Management System for visual alarms, trouble tickets and fault correction.

  • Alert Routing: Alarms can be sent directly to the appropriate users via emails or text (SMS) messages as soon as they occur. Messages are time stamped and contain key parameters associated with the fault/alarm.


Powerful 32-bit Microcontroller

Real Time Clock

Battery-backed RTC.

Storage Memory

192 kB Flash and 12 kB RAM

Power Metering

Parameters measured: Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Frequency, kW and kWh

Switching Capacity

6A 120 VAC / 4A 277 VAC

Power Supply

Universal AC input 90 VAC-305 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Supply Input for the Motion Sensor

+24 V, 30 mA

Radio Communication

2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.15.4

RF Data Rate: 250 kbps

Receiver Sensitivity: -104 dBm, 1% PER

Network Fault Tolerance: Self-healing mesh

Data Protection: 128-bit AES encryption

Transmit Power: +8 dBm / +20 dBm (optional)

Network Type: Self-forming mesh network

Open Field Range: 1600 ft/0.5 km


Built-in Wire Whip antenna, Option for an External antenna

Dimming Interface

Analog Dimming (0-10 VDC)

Maximum Current: 10 mA

Protection: Output Short Circuit protection or 
PWM Dimming (10 V p-p, 400 Hz)

Maximum Current: 10 mA (Sink)

Optional Sensor Inputs

Provision of two Digital inputs and two Analog inputs that can be used for motion-based lighting controls, adaptive lighting or advanced lighting controls

Surge Protection

200 Joule CATB (6 kV/3 kA)


Indoor: Installation: Surface/Ceiling Mounted Material: Polycarbonate (other options available) Dimensions: 185 mm x 43 mm x 32 mm

Operating Conditions

-25°C to +70°C / -13°F to +158°F , 20% to 90% Rh non-condensing

Central Management System

Web-based software that allows remote configuration, monitoring, control and reporting