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iSLC 3100-7P-S

A wireless street light controller  for use with Itron's Silver Spring Network.

CIMCON’s iSLC-3100-7P-S street light controller is specifically created for operation in Itron networks. This controller provides cities and utilities with an easy way to perform on/off switching, control dimming, and monitor and measure the health of lighting fixtures. Features include: revenue grade energy metering with accuracy as high as 0.5% for consumption data and billing; optional GPS capabilities to reduce install times and eliminate future mapping issues; extended EOS/Dirty Power protection for Electrical Over Stress; extended surge protection; full ANSI C136.41 7-pin dimming receptacle support; exceptional fault tolerance afforded by the latest developments in self-organizing, self-healing, wireless technologies; remote control and scheduling; asset health monitoring and fault detection.

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