CIMCON's Lighting Management System

CIMCON's Lighting Management System is the most reliable way to control and manage LED streetlights. 

The system provides significant benefits such as lower ongoing maintenance costs, fewer customer complaints, and further reduced energy consumption.


How it Works - The Core Components

1. Intelligent Lighting Controllers -  These devices easily install on any LED fixture with a NEMA 7-pin socket to monitor, control and log all the critical parameters of the light connected to it. Internal mounting is also possible for decorative fixtures. Controllers provide the following capabilities:

  • Metering and MonitoringCIMCON's Intelligent Lighting Management System
  • Dimming
  • Fault Monitoring
  • Photocell
  • Sensor Integration

CIMCON lighting controllers work on the different communication networks with different power sources. 


Specs/Model iSLC-3100 7P iSLC-3100 7P HV iSLC-3100 7P L iSLC-3300 iSLC-3500 
Type of Device Lighting Controller Lighting Controller Lighting Controller Lighting Controller Lighting Controller
Installation External, 7-pin socket External, 7-pin socket External, 7-pin socket Internal Internal
Power Supply 100-277 V 347 V or 480 V 100-277 V 100-277 V 100-277 V
Communication Protocols Available (click for data sheet) Cisco/6LoWPAN
Silver Spring
Silver Spring

Wireless 4G LTE / NB-IoT

Zigbee Cisco/6LoWPAN
Silver Spring

(click the links for detailed data sheets)


Specific power metering controllers are also available.

Specs/Model iSPM-2000 iSPM-3000 
Type of Device Power Meter Power Meter
Meter Accuracy 0.2 class  0.2 class
Installation External, 3-pin socket External, 4-pin socket
Power Supply 100-264 V 100-264 V
Communication Protocols Available (click for data sheet) Silver Spring Silver Spring

(click the links for detailed data sheets)


2. Mesh Network - Lighting controllers create an RF-based mesh network, or digital canopy, that stretches across an entire city and facilitates the movement of data between controllers and the system's gateways. LTE communication is also possible.


3. Gateways/Routers - These devices serve as a "switchboard", providing a communication channel between a group of intelligent lighting controllers and the cloud-based, central management software. 


4. LightingGale Management Software - CIMCON's cloud-based central management software enables real-time, remote monitoring and management of streetlights. 




    • Reduces energy usage by at least 30% through adaptive dimming
    • Reduces maintenance and repair costs by up to 50% with remote diagnostics
    • Increases the quality of lighting for citizens
    • Assists with asset tracking 
    • Enables proactive repairs and reduces citizen complaints 
    • Increases LED life with adaptive dimming and occupancy sensing
    • More


More Information on Our Lighting Controllers and Wireless Gateways