NearSky Platform


CIMCON’s IoMT platform, NearSky, accelerates a city's digital transformation with revolutionary hardware managed by powerful software and enhanced by robust partnerships. It's main components are: 



CIMCON Lighting’s Intelligent Wireless Lighting Controllers


CIMCON Lighting’s intelligent, wireless lighting controllers reduce energy, repairs and maintenance costs and increase the quality of lighting services. CIMCON controllers can be easily installed on LED, Solar and HID-based lamps in a matter of minutes. The controllers communicate with CIMCON’s Wireless Gateway via a highly robust and reliable self-forming and self-healing RF mesh network to CIMCON’s remote monitoring and management software.

Features common to all CIMCON controllers include:

  • GPS
  • Remote Control and Scheduling
  • Flexible Dimming Controls
  • Power Metering
  • Fault Monitoring
  • Alert Notification
  • Burn Hours Monitoring & Reporting


CIMCON Lighting’s Management Software

CIMCON’s web-based central management software platforms and  work in conjunction with CIMCON’s lighting controllers and other smart city solutions to help municipalities, utilities or other customers easily control their smart city applications to reduce energy, maintenance and repair costs. Accessible from any browser, our software provides users with robust capabilities including data visualization, scheduling, health monitoring, asset management and fault notifications.


Our platforms include:

How Our Products Work: 

How CIMCON Controllers Work