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February 26, 2018

Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority Selects CIMCON Lighting’s Streetlight Monitoring and Control System to Manage 14,000 Streetlights

CIMCON Lighting, Inc., a leading provider of advanced industrial automation systems today announced that the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (VIWAPA) has selected its LightingGale™ Streetlight Management and Monitoring System to manage 14,000 streetlights installed on St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.

Today, communities are faced with maintaining current levels of service with reduced budgets and fewer financial resources. LightingGale is an automated "plug and play" streetlight management system that allows communities to meet this challenge and maintain the safety of their residents by turning streetlights ON only when they are needed thus reducing energy and maintenance costs and contributing to a greener environment. LightingGale uses the latest RF-Wireless, GPRS/GSM and mapping technologies allowing utility personnel to remotely monitor and manage streetlights without leaving their offices.

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, LightingGale will be installed on 600 streetlights on St. John, 4400 on St. Thomas and 9,000 on St. Croix. The system will allow VIVAPA to monitor and manage streetlights based on various automated modes of operation. It will allow VIWAPA personnel to monitor streetlights from their offices to determine if a streetlight needs replacement or maintenance. The LightingGale system will turn OFF the streetlights during daylight hours when they are not needed and eliminate the need for a maintenance crew to conduct late night patrols of streetlights leading to significant savings in energy, maintenance, and operational costs. VIWAPA is leveraging the Energy Conservation Block Grant with the goal to save monies on operations and maintenance of the VIWAPA streetlights. The project is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Virgin Islands Energy Office. The Lighting Gale system was chosen due to its ability to save energy, flexibility and use of advanced technologies. The LightingGale streetlight controllers’ plug-and-play capability makes them simple and easy to install with the option to continue using or discarding the photo sensor. LightingGale’s graphical user interface makes the system very easy to configure, operate and manage, providing flexible system management for consistent energy and operational savings. In parallel, VIWAPA is replacing 1,200 high pressure sodium streetlights with energy-efficient LED lights. LightingGale will provide VIWAPA with energy and maintenance cost savings even after the LED conversion, demonstrating the unique value proposition of the technology.

"CIMCON Lighting takes great pride in welcoming the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority as a valued customer," said Anil Agrawal, Director. "CIMCON Lighting’s product philosophy is deeply rooted in creating solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and conserve the environment. The LightingGale solution’s ability to provide energy savings to communities with traditional streetlights, those with LEDs already installed, or those contemplating LEDs in the future, and the fact that the benefits of the system are fully transferable from traditional lights to LEDs places it in a class by itself."

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