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October 30, 2018

CIMCON Lighting Selected as Solution Provider of the Year by CIO Review in its Annual "20 Most Promising Smart City Solution Providers for 2018” Listing

BEDFORD, Mass., October 30, 2018 – CIMCON Lighting, the leading global provider of intelligent lighting and smart city technologies, announced today that it has been selected as the Solution Provider of the Year by CIO Review as part of its "20 Most Promising Smart City Solution Providers for 2018" listing.

CIMCON is at the forefront of providing cities with the solutions they need to begin their smart city journey. The company’s NearSky™ platform is the first of its kind platform which transforms a city’s existing streetlight infrastructure into a city-wide network of connected outdoor digital assets – or an Internet of Outdoor Things. Through the NearSky platform, cities and utilities are now able to manage, meter, and monetize their streetlights and readily deploy innovative smart city solutions that make cities more efficient, healthier, and more vibrant for citizens and businesses. Together with the company’s intelligent lighting controls, the NearSky platform easily provides the backbone on which cities can add a wide variety of new applications such as video surveillance, traffic management, environmental monitoring, parking management, EV charging, people counting and digital signage.

"CIMCON Lighting is very pleased to have been selected for this prestigious award," said Anil Agrawal, Founder & CEO. "This award reflects our commitment to providing the innovative smart city technologies needed to digitally transform cities and quickly make a positive impact on how people live, work and play. Our NearSky platform harnesses the power that smart technologies offer and has the flexibility to deliver on any municipality’s unique smart city vision.”

Cities, utilities, and energy service companies (ESCOs) can arrange a smart city pilot by visiting https://www.cimconlighting.com/streetvantage-smart-city-pilot-program.

About CIMCON Lighting, Inc.

With a heritage of over 25 years of innovation and experience in industrial automation and outdoor wireless applications, CIMCON Lighting is the world's leading provider of scalable, intelligent wireless outdoor lighting management solutions for traditional, LED and solar-based street lights along with a variety of smart city devices and applications. Focused on offering solutions that provide the lowest "Lifecycle Cost of Ownership," CIMCON provides hardware and software technologies that allow cities and utilities to monitor, maintain and in many cases, monetize their lighting assets and other devices on or near the light pole. CIMCON's "Just in Time Lighting™," reduces energy, maintenance and repair costs while improving the quality of lighting services and enabling the path to a smart city. CIMCON's lighting management solutions are appropriate for roadways, parking lots and parking garages, corporate and university campuses and a variety of industrial applications. For more information please visit www.cimconlighting.com.

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