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February 22, 2018

CIMCON Lighting Issued Third Patent in 2014

CIMCON Lighting, Inc., the world's leading provider of intelligent, web-based Wireless Outdoor Lighting Management Systems, today announced that it has been awarded its third patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office this year.The latest patent, No. 8,820,952 B2 is for an easy-to-install retrofit solution for existing 3-pin NEMA receptacles that enables dimming and adaptive controls for outdoor street lights. The patent describes a new CIMCON Lighting controller housing that allows a set of dimming and sensor control cables to be easily passed from the controller to any light fixture. The new, threaded controller comes complete with all accessories, including the mating threaded receptacle that replaces the standard 3-pin NEMA socket using its existing two fasteners, as well as a set of gaskets that ensure a watertight seal.CIMCON's street light management system allows utilities, municipalities, ESCOs and commercial customers to easily and intelligently manage and control the status and monitor the health of outdoor lighting fixtures. CIMCON's solutions help reduce energy, repairs and maintenance costs while increasing safety and security.

"CIMCON Lighting is very pleased to have been awarded its third patent in 2014," said Anil Agrawal, Director. "This achievement further showcases CIMCON's commitment to creating the most technologically advanced solutions that are also easy to install and use in new applications as well as retrofit environments."

About CIMCON Lighting, Inc.

With over 25 years of innovation and experience in outdoor wireless applications, CIMCON Lighting is the world's leading provider of scalable, intelligent wireless outdoor lighting management solutions for traditional, LED and solar-based street lights. Focused on offering solutions that provide the lowest "Lifecycle Cost of Ownership," CIMCON pioneered the concept of "Just in Time LightingTM," to ensure that the right amount of lighting is provided where and when it is needed. CIMCON's "Just in Time LightingTM," reduces energy, maintenance and repair costs while improving total ROI. CIMCON's lighting management solutions are appropriate for roadways, parking lots and parking garages, corporate and university campuses and a variety of Industrial applications.For more information please visit www.cimconlighting.com.

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