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February 26, 2018

CIMCON Lighting Expands Its LightingGale Automated, Wireless Streetlight Control System into Local Communities

CIMCON Lighting, Inc., the world’s leading provider of advanced turnkey industrial automation systems is expanding its "LightingGale" streetlight control system into local U.S. communities to help them address the increasing financial burden and environmental impact that streetlights are placing on resources. CIMCON’s LightingGale provides cities and towns with a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to arbitrarily turning off streetlights, that preserves community safety while reducing energy consumption and maximizing taxpayer dollars.

CIMCON’s "LightingGale" system is a "plug & play" centralized streetlight management solution that lets communities select the level of support that they need depending on their requirements and budgets. Options range from low cost controllers that replace digital timers on inspanidual poles to complete systems that control the power to a large group of streetlights.

Key Features:

  • RF-Wireless and GPRS/GSM technology enables programming, monitoring and control of geographically distributed streetlights.
  • Uses existing photo cell sockets.
  • Communication and energy monitoring modules provide regular updates to the control station.
  • Remote control of streetlights enables selected inspanidual or groups of light poles to be switched ON/OFF as needed from a web-based interface. Streetlights can be remotely controlled based on a user configurable ON and OFF schedule that can be programmed on a daily/monthly/yearly basis, or can be controlled locally using a built-in astro-clock that calculates sunset and sunrise using location and time zone data throughout the year.
  • Extensive fault monitoring is provided based on intelligent correlation of data to report lamp burn outs, lamp cycling, ballast failure, communication failure and more. All faults are sent to the Master Control Station that generates alarms for visualization and fault rectification.
  • The controller can track lamp burn hours that can be used for predictive maintenance allowing lamp replacement to be planned in advance.
  • Detailed real time reports of energy consumption by streetlight sent via email.
  • Easily scalable to any new or remote area.
  • Several controller mounting options enable easy installation or retrofitting.
  • Support of multiple industry standard protocols enables easy integration with other systems and networks.
  • Web-based Monitoring and Control enables comprehensive display of live and historical data, and remote configuration.
  • Integration with Google Map and Google Earth provides an intuitive and familiar interface for users that requires little training.
  • Hosted or onsite monitoring software available to accommodate those communities that do not wish to invest in monitoring software and equipment.

Key Benefits include:

  • No Training Required – Simply "Plug and Play".
  • Reduces energy costs by as much as 40% through intelligent switching.
  • Reduces maintenance costs by as much as 50% by providing accurate real time web-based information on streetlight status.
  • No need for late night patrolling of streetlights reduces operating costs.
  • Increases streetlamp life by control and monitoring streetlight components life cycle.
  • Very low investment needed compared to LED conversion.
  • Reduces Light Pollution
  • Maintenance of Public Safety by removing the need to arbitrarily turn off streetlights.
  • Asset Management, Monitoring and Tracking
  • No Photo Cell Required


Comparison to Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lamps:

At a fraction of the cost of LEDs, CIMCON”s LightGale system is 100% transferable and can be easily installed on any streetlight, including LEDs. Unlike LEDs, with LightingGale communities do not incur maintenance costs for patrolling streetlights during late night hours.

About CIMCON Lighting, Inc.

Since 1988, CIMCON Lighting, Inc. has been the world’s leading provider of advanced turnkey industrial automation systems, delivering customized solutions from concept through commissioning. Subsequent installation of LEDs would benefit from increased control and monitoring, so there’s no throw away cost. Therefore there cost savings in LightingGale streetlight controls with much lower capital cost than LED and similar returns, municipalities can delay their LED conversions to the future with improved monitoring.

Marketing Contact:

Heidi Sporel,
Director Marketing & Communications,
Tel: (978) 692 9868
Email: hsporel@cimcon.com
For more information about CIMCON Lighting’s automation system solutions, please visit www.cimconlighting.com