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February 26, 2018

CIMCON Lighting Announces the Launch of "iLC-Touch" a Stand-alone Touch Screen Control Interface for Wireless Lighting Controls at LightFair 2013

CIMCON Lighting, Inc., the world’s leading provider of intelligent, centralized Wireless Outdoor Lighting Management Systems, today announced the introduction of a cost effective, stand-alone touch screen control interface (iLC-Touch) for its Wireless Controllers that is ideal for single site lighting applications such as Parking Garages, Parking Lots, College Campuses, Retail Mall Parking Lots, Auto Dealerships, and large Industrial Facilities.

The new stand-alone touch screen control interface delivers the same functionality as our leading web-based management software, "LightingGale", but at a price point that is affordable for smaller installations. Its highly intuitive touch screen interface allows for unmatched ease of use that requires little or no training, even for users with limited software exposure. Using this single interface, users can manage all aspects of lighting including: installation, commissioning, fault management and routine operations.

"The introduction of the iLC-Touch is our effort to provide operators of smaller outdoor lighting systems with access to the same technology that has been available to cities at a price that is affordable and in a package that is easy to use, install and maintain," said Anil Agrawal, Director, CIMCON Lighting. "As more and more private operators of Parking Garages, Parking Lots and College Campuses upgrade to more efficient lighting, access to such wireless technology allows for centralized management of the entire facility for improved safety and reduced energy and maintenance costs."

Some key features of the iLC-Touch include:
  Robust and Reliable:  Can communicate  with  a  large  number  of wireless devices spread across Parking Garages, Parking Lots, College Campuses and Industrial Facilities with full  reliability.
  Flexible Control:  Centrally monitor and control lights, individually, in groups, or by floors.
  Energy Saving:   Save energy using Motion, Time, Day Light Harvesting or Adaptive Lighting Strategies. Supports additional control inputs such as pedestrian and traffic motion sensors.
  Local Intelligence:   iLC-Touch uses an extremely powerful 32 bit microcontroller that allows for implementing complex lighting control logic and intelligence for faster response times and better performance.
  Graphical Touch Screen User Interface:   iLC-Touch is a complete industrial grade touch panel computer that is very responsive and intuitive to operate.
  Instant Fault Notification and Rectification:   Extensive fault monitoring with instant notification using local display of alarms and emails.
  Simple and Easy Remote Configuration:   The iLC-Touch can be easily and remotely configured from an easy to use graphic application interface.  Configuration includes controller mapping and building intuitive graphical screens using Maps, Photographs and CAD Layouts.

To learn more about CIMCON’s iLC-Touch and its LightingGale wireless outdoor lighting management systems, please visit CIMCON Lighting, Booth #: 3819 at LightFair 2013, April 23 – 25, 2013.

About CIMCON Lighting, Inc.

With over 22 years of innovation, experience and knowledge, CIMCON Lighting is the world´s leading provider of intelligent light management solutions.  The company is focused on providing solutions that provide the lowest "Lifecycle Cost of Ownership".  CIMCON has pioneered the concept of "Just in Time LightingTM".whereby its products ensure that the right amount of lighting is provided where it is needed, when it is needed, eliminating the "wastage" of energy, thereby reducing costs and improving Return on Investment.  For more information please visit www.cimconlighting.com.

Marketing Contact:

Heidi Sporel, Director Marketing Tel: (978) 692 9868, Ext. 207, Email: hsporel@cimconlighting.com