Vision, Innovation & Collaboration Brings Smart Cities to Life

NearSky Connect is an alliance of like-minded technology and service providers, working together to deliver ready-to-go solutions that address the challenges cities face as they build more efficient, healthier, and vibrant environments for citizens and businesses

NearSky Connect is bridging the gap between cities and technology providers to help municipalities navigate the complicated path to "smart".

Cities across the world are rapidly adopting technologies, including intelligent streetlights, air quality and other environmental sensors, gunshot detectors, video surveillance systems, and traffic and people counters, to build the next generation city infrastructure. NearSky Connect brings together these technology and service providers, so that they can develop and present smart city applications and solutions that are easier to test, deploy and manage. In addition, NearSky Connect will drive innovation, enabling members to co-create new products and services that go well beyond what they could have individually conceptualized or developed.

NearSky Connect is centered around CIMCON Lighting’s NearSky platform, which transforms a city’s existing streetlight infrastructure into a city-wide network of connected outdoor digital assets – or an Internet of Outdoor Things. Through this network, cities can monitor, meter, manage and monetize the streetlight and other assets affixed to or located near the streetlight pole.

Collaborative Members Sought

NearSky Connect is currently accepting applications for new member companies in the following categories:

  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Mobility
  • Environment
  • Software Platforms
  • Funding
  • Public Safety
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Infrastructure
  • Engagement and Community, Mobile Apps
  • Strategic Funding and Smart City Consultancy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Other Innovative Smart City Services

Benefits of Memberships

  • Increased awareness and revenue for your products and services
  • Improved access to city and utility decision makers
  • Resource sharing and co-marketing initiatives that increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Access to a diverse community of industry and technology thought leaders
  • Accelerated entrance into new geographic markets

Why NearSky Connect? 

CIMCON is the leading provider in intelligent lighting and smart city technologies, with installations in 100+ cities globally. Thanks to established relationships with many companies, including Cisco, Itron, and Trilliant, CIMCON has the experience, expertise and vision to create value through collaboration. These partnerships will expand the opportunities for NearSky Connect members, while providing cities with an easier path to "smart".

For additional information on NearSky Connect, please email