NearSky™ Smart City Platform

Leverage your existing streetlight infrastructure to draw actionable data and  build new revenue streams.

CIMCON’s NearSky™ platform allows cities to leverage existing streetlight infrastructure to develop a connected digital canopy which produces actionable data and new revenue streams. Our Internet of Municipal Things (IoMT) platform is designed specifically for cities, unlocking valuable data generated by a city-scape full of connected things. NearSky enables digital governance and data-driven decision making for smarter, safer urban centers.  

"NearSky impressed me with its innovative approach and flexibility, which seems to set it apart. The platform can be adapted to the specific needs of any local authority, turn their outside world into actionable data, and help them build up a smart city over time. NearSky provides a vision of a possible future in the smart city journey."
Alistair Scott, 
Managing Director,
Designs for Lighting, Ltd.


What is the NearSky Platform?


CIMCON’s IoMT platform, NearSky, accelerates a city's digital transformation with revolutionary hardware managed by powerful software and enhanced by robust partnerships. It's main components are: 



The NearSky Platform is scalable and inter-operable; our standards-based design allows seamless integration with external sensors and applications. Our resilient wireless network delivers over-the-air updates to keep your applications up-to-date, even as technology evolves. The NearSky 360 smart city hub and NearSky StreetVibe software enable low-cost, future-proof deployment of smart city applications, all designed to make cities safer, healthier more sustainable places to live and work.   


Unique Solutions for Your Unique City


The modular design of the NearSky platform results in tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. At CIMCON, we understand that no two cities are the same, in fact no two neighborhoods of the same city are exactly the same. NearSky lets you decide what applications you need and where you need them. Our smart city sensor hub, NearSky 360, can easily be deployed and moved and its GPS capabilities let you know where it is at all times. This smart city solution is truly yours. Design the outcomes, and we’ll make it happen with NearSky. 


From Streetscape to Smart-scape with One Platform


  • Improve Safety and Security – Smart cameras and microphones build situational awareness. Data is processed at the edge so privacy is never a concern.  
  • Optimize Mobility – Monitor traffic, parking, and pedestrians to reduce congestion and create safer streets.
  • Reduce Costs – Leverage the value of your vertical real estate to reduce the cost to deploy smart city applications.
  • Deliver Citizen Services – Provide mobile apps, Wi-Fi, wayfinding, information, and charging stations for citizens.

Smart City Solutions


Air Quality


Digital Signage


EV Charging




Pedestrian Analytics


Public Safety (one touch "Brighten" button, comprehensive reports)


Public WiFi


Smart Street Lighting


Sound Analytics (gunshot, glass break, aggression detection)


Road Surface Management (condition, surface temperature, ice percentage)


Traffic Analytics


Waste Management