NearSky 360

Smart lighting is the gateway application to the Smart and Connected City.

CIMCON’s NearSky

CIMCON’s NearSky™ is the first of its kind, revolutionary new platform to transform existing streetlight infrastructure into robust Internet of Outdoor Things to help cities and utilities monitor, meter, manage and monetize the streetlight and other assets affixed to the streetlight pole and those located near the pole; thereby, enabling increased operational efficiency, reduced energy costs, improved public safety and resident quality of life.

The NearSky™ allows solutions such as small cell deployments, LPWAN access, threat and situational awareness, environmental monitoring and other public safety solutions to be easily added to any Smart City deployment.

Internet of Outdoor Things

Near Sky Work

CIMCON’s NearSky™ 360 accelerates a city’s evolution to “smart” by providing a sturdy, scalable backbone for the acquisition of city data from sensors, controls and devices on or near any streetlight pole. A simple “plug and play” installation enables NearSky 360 to easily capture, aggregate and communicate sensor data from a variety of devices in a variety of Smart City and AMI networks.

NearSky™ 360 also provides external power and communication interfaces, metering for billing or chargeback and edge processing for these devices.

The NearSky™ 360 helps cities take advantage of and implement a wide variety of Smart City Solutions, including:

Near Sky Application

  • Campus security

  • Cell tower/Small Cells

  • EV charger

  • Electric metering

  • Outdoor lighting

  • Public safety

  • Parking management

  • Waste bin management

  • Electronic advertising/alerts

  • Air quality

  • Noise levels

  • First responder


Quick, easy installation with a ANSI compatible C136.41 7-pin connector at the base and ANSI compatible 7-pin receptacle at the top


Can be mounted below the CIMCON Intelligent Lighting Controller for a compact profile and ease of maintenance


Powerful processor with ample internal memory provides support for extensive, complex inputs


Communications capabilities offer flexible options, wirelessly via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular or as wired communications via power over Ethernet, USB and RS-485