CIMCON's LightHands Configuration & Reporting Managed Service lets you easily augment your lighting operations staff with CIMCON controls experts to provide help when needed to address adhoc issues on an on-call basis.

A remote managed service, LightHands provides you with a flexible, tiered structure that lets you choose the level of service you need to accomplish a wide variety of lighting operations tasks. Services range from implementing a dimming schedule to investigating outage reports and dispatching service providers to address the issue all via a simple service request.

Quickly submit service requests though web or email.

  • Login anytime (24 x 7) into CIMCON's web-based management services portal (or send an email request) to submit your request.

  • CIMCON's technical support team will acknowledge your request via email within 15 minutes during stated business hours.

  • CIMCON will log, categorize and act upon the request under the agreed service levels.

  • Upon completion, CIMCON will communicate the results of the request.

  • CIMCON will provide a monthly tracking report of all requests completed via the web portal or email.

CIMCON's LightHands service helps you expedite the expected benefits of your lighting controls by providing the following:

  • Quick access to lighting controls experts that can assist with the configuration and operations of your controls.

  • Complete service requests quickly and accurately.

  • The flexibility to purchase only the level of service that you need.

  • Lower lighting network operating and energy costs.

  • Reduce the time needed to make changes to hour controls network.

Requests may be submitted via the web portal or email on a 24 x 7 basis.

A wide variety of service request task types are covered under LightHands including but not limited to the following:

  • Modifying a light or pre-defined light group's Dimming Schedule

  • Turning a light or pre-defined light group ON/OFF or dim

  • Modifying the mode of an SLC pre-defined SLC group (i.e. Photocell, Astro-Clock, etc.)

  • Creating/modifying an alarm configuration

  • Running and emailing an adhoc or pre-defined report

  • Investigating the report of an outage

  • Adding/modifying asset data

  • Creating SLC Groups

  • Dispatching authorized service providers to address an onsite issue

  • Creating LightingGale Groups and User configuration

  • Providing Gateway configuration

  • New/Replacement SLC import and configuration