iSLC 1000

The iSLC-1000 is an intelligent wireless controller that uses state of the art self-forming and self-healing mesh networking and is economical enough to be used on individual lamps for remote operations. Each iSLC-1000 provides dimming of LED lamps using a 0-10V / PWM dimming output based on programmable dimming schedules and inputs from motion or light sensors. The iSLC-1000 is powered using a DC input provided by the LED power supply.

  • Robust and Reliable: Can operate over large distances with full reliability.

  • Wireless Technology: The controller utilizes the latest developments in wireless technology and employs RF technology to program, monitor and control geographically distributed outdoor lighting infrastructure.

  • DC Powered: iSLC-1000 is powered using a DC power source that is commonly available in any LED light fixture. This allows this module to be easily housed within the same enclosure as the LED power supply.

  • Power Metering: The controller can monitor electrical parameters such as DC current and voltage.

  • Simple and Easy Remote Monitoring: The controller can monitor various LED fixture assets and update the LightingGale Management System at user programmed intervals.

  • Local and Remote Control: The iSLC-1000 provides as many as five control modes for controlling the light bulbs that can be remotely programmed from a web-based software. Lamps can be remotely controlled based on a user configurable schedule that can be programmed on a daily / weekly / monthly / yearly basis or can be controlled locally using a built-in astro-clock that calculates sunset and sunrise times using location and time zone data throughout the year.

  • Alarm Call Service: Alarms can be sent directly to relevant users via Emails or Text Messages (SMS) as soon as they occur. Messages are time stamped and contain key parameters associated with the fault/alarm.

  • Fault Monitoring: Extensive fault monitoring is provided based on intelligent correlation of data to report lamp burn outs, lamp cycling, driver failure, over/under voltage, communication failure and more. All faults are sent to the LightingGale Management System that generates alarms for visualization and fault rectification.

  • Dimming Control: The iSLC-1000 allows dimming of LED lamps with 0-10V / PWM dimming input. It also provides additional interfaces to motion sensors / light sensors to allow motion based dimming and/or adaptive lighting. LightingGale allows up to 10 dimming schedules that can result in significant energy savings depending on the driver.

  • Burn Hours: The controller can track lamp burn hours that can be used for predictive maintenance, thereby allowing LED replacement to be planned in advance.

  • Simple New Installations or Retrofits: The controller offers several mounting options that allow for easy installation in any situation.


Powerful 16 bit Microcontroller

Real Time Clock

Battery Backed RTC

Storage Memory

32 Kbytes

Power Metering

Parameters Measured : Voltage, Current

Power Supply


Power Consumption

Maximum : 1.4W (for 24V DC input)

Minimum : 0.86W (for 24V DC input)

Radio Communication

2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4

RF Data Rate : 250 kbps

Transmit Power : +18 dBm

Receiver Sensitivity : -102 dBm

Network Type : Self-forming mesh network

Network Fault Tolerance : Self-healing mesh

Hardware : CSMA-CA Mechanism

Network Type : Open

Field Range : 5000 ft/1.5 km

Data Protection : 128 bit AES encryption

RF Transceiver Certifications : United States (FCC), Canada (IC) and Europe (ETSI)

Dimming Interface

Analog Dimming (0-10V DC)

Maximum Current : 10mA

Protection : Output Short Circuit protection

PWM Dimming (10V p-p, 400HZ)

Maximum Current : 10mA (Sink)

Optional Features

Provision for two Digital Inputs and one Analog Input that can be used for motion based lighting controls, adaptive lighting or advanced lighting controls


Mounted inside the Luminaire as a bare PCB or within an enclosure


Different lighting fixtures require different enclosure dimensions. CIMCON offers various options to accommodate this.

Material : Flame retardant ABS UL 94-V0 Plastic (other options available)

Operating Conditions

-30°C to +70°C / -22°F to +158°F

20% to 90% Rh non-condensing

LightingGale Management Software

Web-based software that allows remote configuration, monitoring, control and reporting