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Reduce Traffic and Increase Revenue
with the NearSky Platform

Is parking an issue in your city or campus? You're not alone. Experts in urban planning claim 30% of traffic in cities is caused by vehicles searching for available parking spaces contributing to pollution and frustration.

The NearSky LiveParking can help. Together with our partner, Adsum Networks, we have developed the industry's least intrusive, most scalable and future proof smart city parking technology, built to give cities and parking managers the data they need to operate more efficiently. 

Join this webinar to learn how NearSky LiveParking can benefit your city: 

  • Reduce congestion and pollution by providing real-time availability of parking spots throughout a city.
  • Simplify parking for disabled drivers.
  • Enable one-click payments, proven to lead to longer parking sessions and added revenue for the city
Ismail Hamdad - Co-Founder - Adsum Networks

Adsum Networks is a startup developing Industrial IoT sensor systems & solutions, leveraging AI to solve complex urban mobility problems for Smart Cities

Liz Glivinski - Associate Director, Marketing and Partnerships - CIMCON